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THine unveils its new interface technology, I/OSpreader™, that can reduce 16 cables for signal transmission to just one

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Tokyo - April 24, 2014

THCS131/132 THine Electronics, Inc. (JASDAQ: 6769), the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI, today announced its new interface technology, I/OSpreader™, reducing 16 cables for transmitting digital data to just one within electronics equipment. I/OSpreader technology can be applied in various applications such as consumer electronics, industrial equipment, mobile devices, and automotive equipment, simplifying internal cable alignments, reducing required internal space for cables, designing period, and costs for cables and connectors. THine has started its mass production of its new products, THCS131 and THCS132 with I/OSpreader technology.

THine has developed I/OSpreader technology as a new interface with quite unique features that can never been seen, using its accumulated high-speed interface technology and know-how.

I/OSpreader technology converts parallel data with 16 cables to serial data with just a cable while, for example, electronic devices generally have each cable for each signal of data such as ON/OFF signals from switches, LED ON/OFF signals, controlling signals to motors, or those to speakers. In addition, I/OSpreader technology allows to transmit data with device address up to 16 devices simultaneously.

I/OSpreader technology is suitable for equipment that have constraints in internal space for cables with switches, LEDs, motors, and speakers as well as equipments with hinges or structures of the joint in transmitting data between print circuit boards. For instance, I/OSpreader technology is expected to be applied to various equipment such as ticket vending machines, automated teller machine, point of sales machines, multi-function printers, multi-function phones, industrial machine tools, pumps, robotics, endoscopes, amusement equipment, speakers, and consumer electronics. THine has inquiries from Asian potential customers, including Chinese customers.

THine plans to develop new products continuously, corresponding to further requests from the users of I/OSpreader technology and THCS 131/132.

Features of THCS131/132

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