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THine starts mass production phase of its new LVDS for industrial applications and consumer electronics with optimized cost-performance

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Tokyo - Nov 10, 2014

THC63LVD1022 THine Electronics, Inc. (JASDAQ: 6769), the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI today announced its starting volume production phase of new LVDS (low voltage differential signaling), THC63LVD1022, supports high definition for security cameras, other industrial applications, and consumer electronics that require transmission of full HD pixel data.

THC63LVD1022 has been developed through THine's accumulated LVDS technology based on its long-term experiences in high-definition displays. Security camera markets and network camera markets have recently required full-HD performance for such purpose as identifying some specific targets as well as increasing new demands and replacement in worldwide, including China, US, and Europe, while standard definition cameras still have a certain portion in the current usage. Along such trend, the portion of mega-pixel cameras has been increasing and is expected to soar. The new LVDS product, developed with optimized minimum features such as dual-in/single-out mode, has achieved lower costs and smaller size. In order to support camera markets, THine has supplied LVDS products, such as THC63LVD827 and THC63LVD1024 for 2.0-mega-pixel HD camera markets as well as THC63LVDM87 and THC63LVDF84B for 1.3-mega-pixel markets. THine's new line-ups including THC63LVD1022 support almost all required LVDS required by mega-pixel camera markets.

Furthermore, projector markets and medical electronics markets that use many LVDS have recently increased the demand for higher definition and THine has developed the new LVDS to support such requirements of higher-definition in the application markets. The new LVDS is superior in cost-performance, reducing relating footprints approximately half of the existing solution with 144pin LQFP package.

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