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THine releases new V-by-One® HS lineups specially designed for multifunction printers, industrial and automotive markets

-Delivering value of high-speed interface with better noise tolerance levels, fewer cables, lower costs and long-distance transmission, supporting wide temperature and wide-range bandwidth -

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Tokyo - Dec 1, 2014

THCV233 and THCV234 THine Electronics, Inc. (JASDAQ: 6769), the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI today announced its new lineups of high-speed interface products, V-by-One® HS series, specially designed for multifunction printers, industrial and automotive markets.

The newly launched lineups consist of THCV233 and THCV234, specially upgraded in terms of temperature and bandwidth. These products now support wider temperature from -40°C to 105°C, suitable for automotive application. In addition, these offer wider range of applicable bandwidth. For example, in order to apply these V-by-One® HS products to small-medium sized 24-bit LCD panels for operating copiers and industrial machines, these products supports from 9 MHz to 100 MHz, drastically upgraded from 20 MHz to 100 MHz as used to be. These upgrades expand the applicable markets wider automotive and industrial applications.

V-by-One® HS technology, developed by THine, has been used widely not only for internal interface of 4K television worldwide, but also for automotive infotainment, document processing, machine visions, security cameras, amusement, factory automation, medical electronics. V-by-One® HS technology delivers values of high-speed performance transmitting pixel data and control signals, reducing the number of cables and connectors, enhancing noise tolerance levels, reducing the size of moving parts, and transmitting for longer distance.

Especially for automotive infotainment, V-by-One® HS technology is expected to be applied in LCD panels for entertainment of front seats and rear seats, display audio systems, car navigation systems because of shifting to full HD resolution and expanding requirements for high-speed interface.

THine, utilizing its accumulated technology such as V-by-One® HS, plans to deliver value of higher-speed performance for long distance, reducing required spaces and costs, continuously to industrial, automotive, mobile, and consumer electronics applications.

Key benefits of THCV233 and THCV234

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