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THine announced the advanced high-speed interface technology, V-by-One® US, for 8K TVs and high-resolution images

V-by-One®US will support data transmission for high-resolution video of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and other images by the fewest* number of cables

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Tokyo - February 15, 2016

THine Electronics, Inc. (JASDAQ: 6769), the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI today announced that the advanced high-speed interface technology, V-by-One®US for 8K televisions and high-resolution images will be newly released in the third quarter of 2016.

The newly introducing interface technology, V-by-One®US, achieves the ultra-high-speed of 16Gbps (giga bit per second) per a lane or 4 times faster speed than V-by-One®HS, the world-widely-used internal interface technology in the 4K TV markets. 8K TVs with V-by-One®US technology will achieve 8K video systems with the fewest number of internal cables for data transmission from image processor engine to display panels, not increasing cables from 4K systems. In addition, when V-by-One®US is used for 4K video systems, they are expected to reduce costs of cables and connecters.

Comparison between V-by-One®US and existing interface technologies

Interface Technology Speed per lane Cables for 4K video data transmission Cables for 8K video data transmission
V-by-One®US 16Gbps 2 pairs 8 pairs
V-by-One®HS 4Gbps 8 pairs 32 pairs
LVDS approx. 0.5Gbps 48 pairs 192 pairs
NOTE: The number may differ depending on the actual video system structure.

V-by-One®US technology has been developed by THine Electronics based on its accumulated know-hows of V-by-One®HS technology with newly developed innovative high-speed technology of ultra-high-speed of 16Gbps. THine has lead the internal interface technology in the long term, introducing the industry's-first 30 bit LVDS (low voltage differential signaling) products for high-resolution television markets. Currently THine's V-by-One®HS is used in the world most 4K TV sets as de facto standard of the internal interface technology.

* Based on the company's research as of released date.


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