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Artesyn Logo

Artesyn Logo

Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of highly reliable power conversion and embedded computing solutions for a wide range of industries including communications, computing, healthcare, military, aerospace as well as industrial automation.

Artesyn's Embedded Power business provides AC-DC power supply units covering a power range of 3W to 24kW. Many of these products do not only satisfy industrial equipment safety standards but also are available in medically approved versions while a large number of the higher power models feature extensive built-in intelligence.

In addition to AC-DC power units, Artesyn supplies a wide range of isolated and non-isolated DC-DC converter modules.

Artesyn Power Supply Products

AC-DC Power Supplies
  • Suitable for communications, test, medical & other industries
  • Products include DIN rail power supplies & external power adapters
  • AC-DC power supplies extend from 10 watts to 24 kilowatts

DC-DC Converters
  • Products include isolated and non-isolated DC-DC converters
  • Power ratings from 3 watts to 1 kilowatts
  • Outstanding performance, reliability and effectiveness

Major Products

• µMP Series (Multi-Output, modular power supplies)

Input voltages:AC 85 - 264V
DC 120 - 350V (limited to 300V DC in medical applications)
Output power1,800W max.
Output voltage per module:2.0 - 60V (module-internal parallel or serial operation)
Number of outputs:12 max.
• PMBus (Power Management Bus) compatible
• Thin type 1U size
• Meets various medical and industrial safety standards

• iVS Series (High Output Power)

Input voltages:iVS1 & iVS3: AC 90 - 264V single phase, DC 120 - 300V
iVS6 & iVS8: AC 170 - 264V 3-phase
iVS8H: AC 380 / 480V 3-phase
Output power:4,920W max.
Output voltage per module:2.0 - 60V (module-internal parallel or serial operation)
Number of outputs:24 max.
Operation temperature:-40°C to 70°C (ambient)
  • Intelligent I²C control of output voltage, output current, output current limitation, temperature monitoring, etc.
  • USB and Controller Area Network (CAN) / RS485 bus connectivity (option)

• iHP Series (High Accuracy and High Output Power)

Input voltages180 - 264VAC, 3-phase
342 - 528VAC, 3-phase
Output power:24,000W max.
Output voltage per module:12 - 250V (Module-internal parallel or serial operation)
Number of outputs:8 max
Cooling:air cooling (water cooling under development)
  • Serial operation: the 250V module, serially attached to medical equipment, supports up to 900V.
  • Parallel operation: Parallel storage up to one rack holding 8 modules max. Up to 6 racks connectable in parallel. Single wire parallel connection.
  • Provides flexible control connectivity via Ethernet, RS-485, etc.

• Open Frame Low Output Power

• Output power: 20 - 360W
• The industry's smallest size (max power density): 2" x 4" ➞ 250W max, 3" x 5" ➞ 360W max.
• Remote On/Off
• Wide range of multi-channel products
• EMI class A or B compatible
• Meets various medical and industrial safety standards

• Isolated DC-DC Converters

Input voltages: 9 - 36V
18 - 36V
18 - 75V
36 - 75V
40 - 160V
250 - 420V
Output power:3 - 1kW
Output voltage:1.0V - 48V
• Wide range of brick type, on-board type, etc.
• A DC-DC converter for medical equipment is ready for use in railways

• Non-isolated DC-DC Converters (LGA80D)

Input voltage:7 - 14V DC
Output power:200W max.
Output voltage:0.6 - 5.2V DC
Output method:Output A: 0.6 - 5.2V / 100W power out
Output B: 0.6 - 5.2V / 100W power out
Single output: 80A
Output 0.6 - 5.2V / 200W power out
Operation temperature:-20°C - 85°C
• A single output can be configured as a four-unit stack (800W power out)
• High power density DC-DC converter
• Numerous non-isolated DC-DC converters available
• Small size: 1" x 0.5" x 0.48" (L x W x H)