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MUV interactive

MUV Interactive is an Israel-based developer of innovative technologies for wearable interfaces. MUV's mission is to bridge the gap between technology and users in order to get the human message across better than ever before.
MUV Interactive was established by Rami Parham in 2011. All those who work and call MUV Interactive home share in Rami's quest to free ourselves from our devices and control your digital content and internet connected things naturally.

BIRD for Everybody

MUV BIRD Application

Get Smarter with your smart home, fly to new heights in entertainment, & be free!

BIRD is a small wearable device on your finger tip that makes any space interactive by predicted gestures such as touch, push, pull, and swipe. It also incorporates a microphone to register voice commands. Wirelessly connected to a transceive sensor plugged into say, the USB port of a PC or tablet, BIRD projects a large image up to 250 inches across with pixel perfect precision. Hence, BIRD takes wearable hi-tech in classrooms to the next level while teachers can master it in merely 15 minutes!

BIRD's algorithms instantly integrate and analyze data from several sensors in real time. This data reflects the entire spectrum of human intent, including position in space, pointing direction, hand posture, voice commands, touching/hovering position and pressure level on any surface, and more.

The BIRD driver software is currently compatible with Mac and Windows PCs, plus mobile devices running iOS or Android 4.3 and higher.

Enjoy Your Freedom like a Bird

  • Set your ideas free

    Let go of your phone. Put your computer aside. Move as you please. Speak. Be seen. Be heard. Be free.

  • Limited only by imagination

    Touch. Push. Pull. Swipe. Grab. Move. Play. Learn. Dream. Take off.

  • Experience the thrill of the ultimate collaboration

    Explore new, unprecedented ways of digital communication. Socialize. Work together. Unite.

  • Turn your world into an interactive playground

    State-of-the-art digital interaction at your fingertips. Create as you speak. Nothing is beyond reach.

  • Simple & Intuitive

    Discover the ultimate synergy between humanity and technology. Unreasonably easy. Undeniably natural. Use your instinct.

That's in the Box

MUV BIRD Specifications