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Pericom's Connectivity Products include high speed signal switches and multiplexers, interface logic and voltage translation, power management, PCI/PCIe bridges and packet switches, Home Appliance, and Video Decoders. Pericom's Signal Integrity Products include ReDriver™ / Repeater products for PCIe, Ethernet, XAUI, SATA, SAS, USB3, HDMI, and DisplayPort. Pericom's Timing Products include quartz based Crystals and Crystal Oscillators, and silicon based clock generators and buffers, Real Time Clocks, and specialty timing products.

Application Example
Pericom's Automotive Segment Solutions employing analog components for timing, power, USB, ReDrivers™, switches, infotainment and AEC-Q qualified components.
Founded and headquartered in San Jose, CA in 1990, Pericom Semiconductor Corporation/Diodes Incorporated is a fast-growing semiconductor company specializing in integrated connectivity, advanced timing, and signal integrity solutions for the computing, communications, and consumer market segments. The company's technology offers system design solutions to the challenges presented by high-bandwidth, high-speed serial protocols.

Employing over 900 individuals worldwide, Pericom has design centers in North America and Asia while technical and sales support offices are located around the globe.

Pericom is dedicated to providing solutions that enable better, faster and more reliable signal connectivity. This focus has produced a broad portfolio of silicon-based ICs, quartz crystals and crystal oscillators, fully integrated and compatible for maximizing the potential of high-speed signals.

Pericom's elegant one-chip solution benefits:
  • Replace expensive multiple-chip designs
  • Eliminate expensive cables
  • Allow for maximum flexibility
  • Increase system reliablity
  • Shorten development time and cost

Major applications are for:
  • Automotive
  • Computer & peripheral
  • Digital media
  • Embedded systems
  • Networking & telecom
  • Server & storage
  • Ultra mobility & wireless

Pericom Product Line-up

Part NumberDescriptionDoc
USB3 ReDriver
PI1EQX512A1.0V, 5.0Gbps, 1-port, USB 3.0 ReDriver 
PI2EQX502T1.2V, 5.0Gbps, 1-port, USB 3.0 ReDriver with Equalization and Emphasis 
PI3EQX7741AI3.3V, 5.0Gbps, 1-port USB 3.0 ReDriver with Equalization and Emphasis
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PI3EQX7741AIQ3.3V, 5.0Gbps, 1-port USB 3.0 ReDriver with Equalization and Emphasis (AECQ qualified) 
PI3USB9281AUSB Port Detection and Protection IC
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HiFlex Clocks
PI6LC48H02PCIe Gen3.0 and Ethernet Clock Generator, LVDS
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PI6LC48H04PCIe Gen3.0 and Ethernet Clock Generator with 4 HCSL Outputs
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PI3USB9281A provides USB port detection and protection function via I2C programming. It can detect various types of USB chargers available in the market per CEA936 specification in order to determine the capabilities and compatibilities of the connected adapter. Port protection function protects the USB device from over-voltage of up to 28 volts from the connected adapter.