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Environment Management
ISO 14001 Environmental Philosophy

Selling a variety of semiconductor and electronic components products, Silicon Technology Co., Ltd., is following its slogan "respect for the harmony with nature and contribution to a rich environment and cultural development" while all employees deeply recognize the importance of environmental conservation and contribution to community in addition to preservation of the global environment.

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy
1.We have set up an environmental management system executed by our top management.

2.The environmental aspect of our active business conduct is recognized and strives for improvement in our continuous system aiming at prevention of environmental pollution.

3.Our environmental statutes respect the postulated demands of interested parties accepted by municipal regulations and our company.

4.For improvement in environmental performance, purpose and targets are defined for each item as follows:
  • Aiming at environmental protection, our company provide eco-friendly products and services.
  • Furtherance of management of products containing hazardous chemicals in cooperation with our suppliers.
  • Implementation of environmental load reduction by means of corporate activities.
Activities for further improvement will be suitably addressed as a result of our internal environmental auditing.

5.All workers of our company recognize this plan and utilize our environmental management system effectively.

6.Our environmental management plan is publicly available while all workers are well familiar with it.

Daigoro Shihodo
President & CEO
Silicon Technology Co. Ltd.

April 13, 2016