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Tsukasa Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer developing and selling DC motors as well as motor application products. The company's main line-up includes DC gear motors, brushless motors, tube pumps, gear pumps. As one of its strong points, Tsukasa provides finished product units selling in quantities from one piece and high-mix low-volume production, all the way up to mass production lots. Tsukasa Electric Co., Ltd. will continue to contribute to the society with everyday life, familiar products.

Major Product Lines
Tsukasa Electric's Motor Division is providing high quality products mainly for ATM, banking machine, vending machine, and amusement equipment. Additionally, Tsukasa develops and markets low-cost damper actuaters for the air-conditioning market and numerous new products for developing markets, such as medical, home-care, and robots.

Tsukasa Electric's products are manifold and tailored to numerous applications in that our customers will find a suitable set, ike in a one-stop-shop while the minimum order quantity is one piece. All of our tube pumps are mounted on our DC gear motors to enable precise control of liquid flow.

Recommended Motor Products
TG-609 | 26W, ø42, Brushless Motor
Miniature DC motor, 300g light-weight, featuring an inner rotor structure for low vibration and quiet drive. Noise-less, long lifetime and maintenance-free thanks to brushless structure.
TG-55LA | 4.9W, All-in-One Brushless Motor
Miniature DC motor, 165g light-weight, featuring a built-in drive circuit for easy control and space saving. Speed of rotation (frequency) can be controlled by PWM input. Noise-less, long lifetime and maintenance-free thanks to brushless structure.

TG-503 | Thin-type Brushless Motor
  • Noiseless, long-life, low noise
  • Low vibration and low inertia in the inner rotor structure
  • 9-phase 6-pole low coking
TG-631 | All-in-One Brushless Motor
  • Brushless, noiseless, long life, maintenance-free
  • Saving space with built-in driver circuit
  • Rotation frequency can be controlled by PWM input

DC Motor Specifications

Recommended Industrial Specialized Motors
MS-4009 | Motor Specifically for Drones
  • Inner rotor structure
  • Low vibration and low inertia
  • Dust-proof and waterproof structure (IP55 compliant)
  • Easy maintenance after flight
  • Domestic (Japan) made brushless motor
  • Long life
  • 2-fold KV values 380, 450
MX-2077 ASSY | Underwater Motor for Thrusters
  • Direct drive type without speed reduction mechanism
    • Low noise, high efficiency: 78%
    • Good response (smooth drive from low-speed)
  • Sealed structure
    • Water-proof inner rotor
    • Forward thrust 600m (pressure 6MPa)
  • Directly attached propeller shaft

Recommended Pump Products
PP-DP1-200 | P-Type Portable Tube Pump
With its brushless motor this unit provides a stable liquid flow rate between 10 and 200 ml/min indicated on a digital display (rotor head RPM). It's internal CPU allows for multiple control functions, such as rotation frequency and direction, ON/OFF-time, and more.
PT-D**-200-KA | D-Type Two-Rotor Tube Pump
Delivering a flow rate between 50 and 200ml/min, this unit comes with abundant control functions for its gear head and motor. Replacement of its ø6mm tube is made easy.


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