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d-broad, Inc. is a fabless company focusing on interface and network communications, and provides various kinds of development services offering SD/SDIO, SPI, I2C, UART, RS485 (Modbus), PCI/PCIe, USB, SATA/ATA interface technology and wireless LAN, Bluetooth and SubG wireless network communication technology. d-broad proposes M2M/IoT total system solution including gateway development based on engineering capabilities.



Major Development Achievements



Major Products

Product NameProduct OutlineDescription

  • IEEE802.11n SDIO Wireless LAN module
  • Size: 20.00 x 13.50 x 3.56mm (including header connector)
  • Radio Certifications: Japan (Plan: US and EU Countries)
"eWBC-V1" is selected as reference of wireless LAN module for Renesas Electronics SDIO supported microcontroller "RX family; RX231, RX64M, RX71M" and "RZ family." Renesas Electronics is planning to expand target CPUs accordingly.

Users are able to do eWBC + target CPU evaluation easily with µITRON or FreeRTOS + Renesas Electronics network protocol stack M3S-T4-Tiny + SDIO driver + eWBC Wireless LAN driver. Wireless LAN expansion board package for Renesas Starter Kit (RSK) is available. Please visit the URL below for further details.

Inquiry and Questions about eWBC:
Sales inquiries:
Masayuki Suzuki (Marketing & Sales Division)

Technical inquiries:

  • IEEE802.11n Wireless LAN + microSD Combo Card
  • Size: 41.16 x 24.00 x 2.10mm
  • Radio Certifications: Japan, US, Canada, EU Countries, Taiwan
SD-Link11n supports both Wireless LAN and SD memory on SD Shared Bus. Realize both Wireless LAN and microSD memory by loading a microSD card in SD-Link11.


  • 920MHz (SubG) Wireless module
  • Size: 35.00 x 20.00 x 5.00mm
  • Radio Certification: Japan
  • Range by Chip Antenna: 300m (line of sight distance)
  • Range by External Antenna: 600m (line of sight distance)
  • DB920 embeds ARM Cortex microcontroller, and controls sensors or switches by customizing its firmware.
  • d-broad also offers host board development service, Gateway and Repeater board.

  • SATA and UHS-1 SD Host Bridge Controller
  • Size: 6 x 6 x 1.15mm (96-pin FBGA) pin pitch 0.5mm
  • Operating Temp.: -20°C ~ 85°C
Standard Compliant with:
  • SD Physical Layer Specification Version 3.01
    Default Speed, High Speed, SDR12, SDR25, SDR50, SDR104 support (max. SD bus clock @200MHz)
  • Serial ATA Specification Version 2.6
    Max. Throughput: 1.5Gbps (Gen1)
    Power Management (Partial / Slumber)

Power Supply:
  • Main Power: 3.3V
  • SATA / PHY & PLL: 1.2V (1.2V Power DCDC converter integrated)
  • UHS-1 SD Buffer IO: 1.8V

Program Boot up:
  • Boot up from external SPI Flash memory

DB300 embeds ARM CPU and independent two SD host controllers, enabling two SD card access and DMA transmit between two SD cards. DB300 supports 5 modes by combinations of RAID/JBOD allowing users to build an unique system with one chip.

Please also inquire about development of application boards and systems utilizing wireless LAN related products other than the above, such as 5 GHz band wireless LAN, small SiP modules such as IEEE802.11ac and 920MHz wireless.

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