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THine Electronics, Inc. is a chip-development company specializing in mixed signal system LSIs which are dominantly used for liquid crystal displays. THine Electronics, Inc. is empowered with designers having over ten years experience in memory, analog, MCU and mixed signal VLSI technologies. Ever since its foundation in 1991, THine has expanded through the years thanks to its superior strength in competitiveness and technology.

THine, a member of the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG) in the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) specification, provides key components to the flat panel market (LCD, PDP, projector, etc.). Also on the offer are analog RGB signal digitizers for flat panel monitors, scaling controllers, LVDS and DVI chip sets.

THine has been certified with ISO9001:2008 by the international organization accredited by ISO and plans to establish its management systems, supporting the level of ISO14001:2004 and ISO/TS16949:2009. Furthermore, THine will expand its product line-up and apply its AEC-Q100 qualification system. THine has decided to enter into the automotive markets to deliver their technical values to automotive markets.

THine Releases a New Image Signal Processor
THine's ISP is an image processing engine developed for digital cameras. The pipelined image processing engine is capable of high speed processing. Auto Exposure / Auto Focus / Auto White Balance functions are performed by a dedicated circuit. Thanks to THine's original noise reduction and gamma correction techniques, best possible picture quality in each CMOS sensor can be achieved with this new ISP. THP7312 supports RGB+IR and alternate row HDR sensors. THP7312 adds De-fog function for advanced applications. Additionally, RGB and IR images output simultaneously by MIPI virtual channel.

Essential Features
  • High-speed processing by hardware implementation
  • High-end image processing engine for high-resolution
  • 32-bit RISC CPU embedded
  • Correction for sensor
  • Adaptive image signal processing
  • Auto processing:
    • Auto exposure
    • Auto focus (multi point, continuous)
    • Auto white balance
  • Others:
    • Hardware face detection
    • JPEG encoder (including speed tags)
    • MIPI virtual channel
    • Triple scaler
    • Alternate row HDR
    • De-fog
    • RGB+IR

 Block Diagram

THine Releases a New LVDS IC for full-HD

THC63LVD1022, a Dual Pixel Link LVDS receiver IC, is designed to support pixel data transmission of up to 1080p/60Hz between host and flat panel display or between camera module and system board, supporting varied I/O data mapping, suited to not only TV applications but also to projectors, industrial and security camera systems.
Essential Features

 Block Diagram
  • LVDS to TTL/CMOS Conversion
  • 5ch LVDS 2ports (dual pixel link) input:
    • 525Mbps/ch
    • LVDS input skew margin ±400ps at 75MHz
    • Failsafe supported
  • TTL/CMOS Parallel 1port output:
    • 33bits/pixel (sync signal included
    • 150M pixel/sec. (clock frequency 20 to 75MHz)
    • MSB/LSB reverse available
    • R/G/B replace available
  • Package: TQFP100
  • Power Supply: 3.3V
  • Operation Temperature: 0 to 85°C
  • Recommended Tx:

THine Releases its new LED Driver line-up enhancing high-power LED Equipment
THL6521 and THL6523

THine added its new 1-channel LED driver products, THL6521 and THL6523, to its existing LED driver line-up of THL-series. The latest drivers are suitable for applications using high-power LEDs, such as LCD backlights and LED lightings in mobile phones, tablets, car navigation, LCD monitors, amusement equipment, digital camcorders/still cameras, ATM, and other industrial equipment.

Adding these new products to the existing 4-channel THL6516, 6-channel THL6517 and 8-channel THL6518, THine's portfolio of LED driver features build-in boost converter circuits that convert the common 5V power supply to the right LED power supply voltage, realizing LED backlight systems with just a single chip.

The new products are packaged in 6-lead TSOT23-6 housings that significantly reduce the footprint for LED backlight and lighting systems. In addition, both have soft start functions and other protection functions to prevent system damage from abnormal LED failures.
Essential Features of THL6521 and THL6523

 Block Diagram
  • Input voltage range: 2.5V ~ 5.5V
  • Boost converter:
    • output voltage 38V max
    • switching frequency: 1MHz
  • PWM dimming control: 100Hz ~ 200kHz
  • LED driver feedback voltage:
    • THL6521: 100mV
    • THL6523: 300mV
  • Protections:
    • soft start
    • over current protection
    • under voltage protection
    • over voltage protection
    • thermal shut down
  • TSOT23-6 package

THine Unveils a new Suite of LED Drivers for Illumination Signage and Backlighting

THL3502 THL35xx Series

With Gradient Controller For Full Color LEDs

This new family of LED display drivers have been developed to provide an ideal match with THine's highly reliable LVDS and power IC technology. Since gradation data is transmitted via LVDS, the resulting high immunity against electrostatic noise, etc., minimizes erroneous illumination. Thanks to a built-in LVDS repeater function, LED drivers can be easily cascaded without additional expense for external buffers thus also reducing engineering effort. The device is secured against destruction by means of a safeguard function that is employed in the company's power ICs. This series is ideally suited for tablet PCs, amusement equipment, illuminations and other spectacular lighting performances.

 Block Diagram
THL65 series THL65xx Series

Tailored for Power LEDs with a Battery of Protection Functions

This new family of Power LED drivers support an internal 1-channel boost converter which is capable of boosting 40V LED power supply from a single 5V input, for which reason all functions could be realized with a single chip. The line-up of 4, 6 and 8-channel constant current drivers allows flexible system optimization. Guarding functions, such as soft-start, overcurrent/short-circuit protection, low voltage input error protection, overvoltage protection and thermal shutdown are included to prevent secondary system destruction against LED failure and other abnormal conditions. The small QFN16 package helps construct backlight and lighting systems with only a small footprint.

Block Diagram

THine launches new V-by-One®HS products for multifunction printers, cameras, amusement...


THine Electronics, Inc. adds two high-speed serial interface LSIs to its V-by-One®HS family, designed in particular for electronic goods processing video data signals, such as multi-function printers, cameras, scanners, factory automation equipment, amusement electronics, and more.

The new products, designated THCV233 and THCV234, convert between LVDS and V-by-One®HS whilst achieving a high speed of 3Gbps thus minimizing cable lines to one sixth of conventional LVDS wiring, EMI and parts count, such as moving heads of scanners and related components.

In addition, THCV233 and THCV234 enhance noise tolerant features drastically for improved communication control data flow between, for instance, scanner heads and controllers, hence reducing cost for noise cancellation and EMI countermeasures.
Key Benefits

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  • Conversion between LVDS and V-by-One® HS
  • Selectable color depth: 32bit or 24bit
  • LVDS clock frequency: 100MHz max.
  • V-by-One®HS data rate: 3.4Gbps max.
  • Pre-emphasis and equalizer
  • On chip data error test mode

  • Reciprocal control between THCV233 and THCV234 through sub-links
  • 2-wire serial interface: 400Kbps max.
  • GPIO: 4 (THCV233), 5 (THCV234)

Small package: 7mm x 7mm 48-pad QFN
Supports dual power source: 1.8V and 3.3V
Operation temperature: -40°C to 105°C

V-by-One is a registered trademark of THine Electronics, Inc.

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