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Best and Latest Touch Screen Technology

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Baanto International Ltd. is a leading developer of innovative, high performance, and scalable touch solutions. With eight (8) patents filed and twelve (12) in process, Baanto ShadowSense™ for touchscreen applications solves many of the technical issues that plague other touch technologies.

Baanto has developed multi- touch solutions for:

  • Mid-size embedded applications ranging in size from 8" to 22"
  • Large area touchscreens for digital signage products ranging in size from 32" to 98"
  • Interactive Whiteboard solutions ranging in size from 79" to 95"
  • Ultra-large multi-user, multi-touch solutions supporting touch surfaces of up to 267"

Baanto has a direct and partner presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, enabling it to provide its customers with proven technical and sales support worldwide.


ShadowSense™ is a revolutionary new true multi-touch, touchscreen technology. ShadowSense scales cost effectively from 8" to 267" and provides fast, accurate and responsive performance across all product ranges.

It is capable of accurately measuring the position of a given object's "shadow". By determining the relative angle and other characteristics of the shadow cast by an object, the object's position in space can be fixed.

Driverless, truly plug-and-play, ShadowSense also offers unaffected performance in the brightest mid-day sun.


Product News

Slim Touch Frames

Measuring just 3.2 mm from glass to frame surface, the Baanto Slim Touch is the thinnest multi-touch frame on the market. Combining the industry proven performance of ShadowSense with a minimalist bezel design allows the Slim Touch to be utilized in multi-touch applications typically exclusive to projective capacitive technology. A perimeter based sensor design decouples the touch function from the protective glass providing improved optical and environmental performance, and better immunity to surface debris and scratches.



An industry first, the Baanto Dashboard provides customers with the ability to easily configure and modify the touchscreen behavior. The Dashboard allows the user to adjust the performance and touch characteristics of the touchscreen to provide spurious touch and palm rejection, debris and static object recognition, rain and fluid cancellation, and touch object characterization. Also included with Dashboard, are comprehensive monitoring capabilities that allow users to quickly assess the health of their ShadowSense frames, ensuring 24/7 operation of the most critical applications.


Supported Operating Systems:

No USB drivers or touch detection processes on host CPU:
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