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Amphenol Advanced Sensors Amphenol Advanced Sensors
Established in the United States in 1932, Amphenol Corporation has been providing cutting-edge innovative products developed with advanced technology over more than 80 years ever since. To date, the company employs 47,000 individuals worldwide in 30 countries and offers solutions to meet the needs of high-technology oriented customers.

Amphenol Advanced Sensors, a member of the USA based Amphenol Corporation, is a leading innovator in advanced sensing technologies and innovative embedded measurement solutions, providing C02, temperature, humidity, pressure sensors from elements all the way up to modules and custom designs to varied market segments, including automotive, medical, industrial, and more.

We carry these selected products

CO2 Wall Mount Infrared Gas Sensor

• Talaire T8000-R Series

CO2 Modules / OEM Infrared Gas Sensors

• Talaire SMART Dust Sensor
• Miniature CO2 Module Series T6700
• Talaire T6615 CO2 Module

MEMS Sensors, MEMS Pressure Sensors

• NPI-19
• NPX1

EMD Relative Humidity Sensors

• ChipCap2 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Infrared Temperature Sensors / IR Sensors

• ZTP-315 IR Sensor
• ZTP-188ML IR Module

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