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Artesyn Logo

Artesyn Logo

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of highly reliable power conversion and embedded computing solutions for a wide range of industries including communications, computing, healthcare, military, aerospace as well as industrial automation.

Advanced Energy's Embedded Power business provides AC-DC power supply units covering a power range of 3W to 24kW. Many of these products do not only satisfy industrial equipment safety standards but also are available in medically approved versions while a large number of the higher power models feature extensive built-in intelligence.

In addition to AC-DC power units, Advanced Energy supplies a wide range of isolated and non-isolated DC-DC converter modules.

Advanced Energy Power Supply Products

AC-DC Power Supplies
  • Suitable for communications, test, medical & other industries
  • Products include DIN rail power supplies & external power adapters
  • AC-DC power supplies extend from 10 watts to 24 kilowatts

DC-DC Converters
  • Products include isolated and non-isolated DC-DC converters
  • Power ratings from 3 watts to 1 kilowatts
  • Outstanding performance, reliability and effectiveness


New Product Highlight


Advanced Energy Configurable NeoPower NP08 Supplies up to 4000 Watts

Best-in-class power density


NP08 AC-DC configurable power supply introduces best-in-class power density of 18 W/in3. For up to 4000W output power, NP08 is easy to configure (series or parallel) and has 8 output power slots. NP08 can drop into an OEM's enclosure to make a custom power supply or simply be used for its high flexibility for any embedded or power conversion challenge requiring multiple outputs.

Advanced Energy’s NeoPower (NP) configurable AC-DC AT A GLANCE power supplies provide high power density as either a programmable voltage or current source. The NeoPower configurable will feature an intuitive software interface and user configurable modules to enable fast prototypes. Modules can be connected in series and parallel with the configurable buss bar system to enable 1,000's of output combinations. The NeoPower is certified for both industrial and medical safety approvals, including compliance to the SEMI F47 standard. The NeoPower supports digital communication with MODBUS RTU for control, monitoring and configuration.


Essential Features

  • High power density, 18 W/in3
  • Multiple digital communication protocol options via dongles
  • Programmable as a voltage or a current source.
  • Market-leading low ripple noise
  • User Configurable
  • Medical IEC/EN 60601-1 3.2 Compliant and BF rated
  • Semi F47
  • Simplified buss bar design

Major Benefits

  • More power in 2.5" configurable
  • Flexible communications
  • Fast deployment
  • Higher power signal and accuracy
  • Easy-to-configure modules
  • Certified Industrial & Medical applications
  • Configurable buss bars for any series/parallel combination
  • Confidence in reliability from the #1 configurable power supply manufacturer


Essential Specifications

Output Power (W):4000
Length (Inches):11.2
Width (Inches):8
Height (Inches):2.5
Mounting Type:Configurable
Minimum Output Current (A):0
Maximum Output Current (A):448
Output Voltage Range (V):250
Minimum Output Power (W):0
Maximum Output Power (W):448
Maximum Input Voltage (V):264
Warranty (Years):5

Front Views

Rear Views

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Further Details

Download Data Sheet (1 MB)
Press Release (November 21, 2023)



Related Products

• µMP Series (Multi-Output, modular power supplies)

Input voltages:AC 85 - 264V
DC 120 - 350V (limited to 300V DC in medical applications)
Output power1,800W max.
Output voltage per module:2.0 - 60V (module-internal parallel or serial operation)
Number of outputs:12 max.
• PMBus (Power Management Bus) compatible
• Thin type 1U size
• Meets various medical and industrial safety standards

• iVS Series (High Output Power)

Input voltages:iVS1 & iVS3: AC 90 - 264V single phase, DC 120 - 300V
iVS6 & iVS8: AC 170 - 264V 3-phase
iVS8H: AC 380 / 480V 3-phase
Output power:4,920W max.
Output voltage per module:2.0 - 60V (module-internal parallel or serial operation)
Number of outputs:24 max.
Operation temperature:-40°C to 70°C (ambient)
  • Intelligent I²C control of output voltage, output current, output current limitation, temperature monitoring, etc.
  • USB and Controller Area Network (CAN) / RS485 bus connectivity (option)

• iHP Series (High Accuracy and High Output Power)

Input voltages180 - 264VAC, 3-phase
342 - 528VAC, 3-phase
Output power:24,000W max.
Output voltage per module:12 - 250V (Module-internal parallel or serial operation)
Number of outputs:8 max
Cooling:air cooling (water cooling under development)
  • Serial operation: the 250V module, serially attached to medical equipment, supports up to 900V.
  • Parallel operation: Parallel storage up to one rack holding 8 modules max. Up to 6 racks connectable in parallel. Single wire parallel connection.
  • Provides flexible control connectivity via Ethernet, RS-485, etc.

• Open Frame Low Output Power

• Output power: 20 - 360W
• The industry's smallest size (max power density): 2" x 4" ➞ 250W max, 3" x 5" ➞ 360W max.
• Remote On/Off
• Wide range of multi-channel products
• EMI class A or B compatible
• Meets various medical and industrial safety standards

• Isolated DC-DC Converters

Input voltages: 9 - 36V
18 - 36V
18 - 75V
36 - 75V
40 - 160V
250 - 420V
Output power:3 - 1kW
Output voltage:1.0V - 48V
• Wide range of brick type, on-board type, etc.
• A DC-DC converter for medical equipment is ready for use in railways

• Non-isolated DC-DC Converters (LGA80D)

Input voltage:7 - 14V DC
Output power:200W max.
Output voltage:0.6 - 5.2V DC
Output method:Output A: 0.6 - 5.2V / 100W power out
Output B: 0.6 - 5.2V / 100W power out
Single output: 80A
Output 0.6 - 5.2V / 200W power out
Operation temperature:-20°C - 85°C
• A single output can be configured as a four-unit stack (800W power out)
• High power density DC-DC converter
• Numerous non-isolated DC-DC converters available
• Small size: 1" x 0.5" x 0.48" (L x W x H)
 Please inquire about Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. Products