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Analogix Semiconductor Inc.


Analogix Semiconductor Inc.


Founded in March 2002 in Santa Clara, California, Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. is a global leader in designing high-performance mixed-signal semiconductors that enable "HD Everywhere", the go-anywhere, any-mobile-to-any-screen, high-definition experience. Analogix makes it practical for mobile devices to display movies, games, and applications on virtually any HD display - including internal system screens, computer monitors, and TVs - while optimizing battery life.

Analogix IP cores, full custom ASICs, and off-the-shelf digital media ICs provide end-to-end connectivity through industry-standard interfaces such as DisplayPort and HDMI. Analogix products can be found in millions of today's most popular consumer electronics devices from some of the world's leading brands.

Analogix meets the growing global demand for analog and mixed-signal interconnect devices with multimedia and communications applications. From the start, the company has relied on design and engineering excellence, teaming up with talented, highy motivated individuals in both the U.S. and China to create semiconductors for global markets.

Analogix develops high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor devices that are manufactured with cost-effective standard CMOS processes. Analogix thrives on creativity and innovation and create high-quality, competitive products that enhance customer experience.

Analogix Display Application


Major Products

Business Semiconductors

  • DisplayPort™ products
  • HDMI products
  • LCD timing controllers (TCONs)
  • ASIC design services
  • IP Solutions


IP Solutions

  • HDMI receiver (Rx) and transmitter (Tx) cores
  • DisplayPort Rx and Tx cores



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